As a Therapist, Coach & Healer, I am often asked if there are any quick fixes to make us happier.

Sadly, there are no quick fixes, as often to achieve means committing to something that often a far bigger undertaking than you first thought.  

As happiness is a state of mind, and training the mind is no quick fix. But it is possible by making just a few simple changes to begin the journey.

Stay Positive.

Our feelings have a strong influence on our thoughts and actions.  You work, the weather all influences how you feel.  We are often surrounded by negativity and think we can do little about it.  But by introducing a few measures we can help our minds to stay more positive. These measures include:

  • Limiting your time with negative people and spend more with the positive ones.
  • Do not acknowledge negative thoughts. When they come, don’t dwell on them, let them go.
  • Stay physically active. Exercise releases endorphins but inactivity leads to overthinking.
  • Use positive affirmations to recognise the progress you are making.
  • Start a journal and record 3 things that you are grateful for every day.


Be Grateful

It’s a fact that gratitude makes you happier, increases your productivity and helps you sleep better.  What better way to feel happier than by showing your grateful? Research has found that:

  • Grateful people are less materialistic, less envious and share more.
  • Gratitude can increase alertness, attentiveness, determination, enthusiasm, as well as energy and sleep duration.
  • It lowers depression.
  • It may help prevent coronary artery disease.
  • People who keep a gratitude journal exercise more, are more optimistic and are healthier.


So be grateful. Be grateful to your friends, family, clients, and colleagues.


Get Up Earlier.

Many successful and positive people get up early! So set your alarm a bit earlier. This extra time can be used to exercise, meditate, read, do your e-mails, have a proper breakfast, or just plan your day.


Never Over-Commit.

When starting a new healthier eating or exercise regime, over committing is often a means to failure. What you seek is to change your lifestyle. Start small, introduce exercise and healthier eating gradually so it becomes habit and fills the void left by sitting in front of the TV or eating less healthier foods. The same applies to work and personal life, do not over commit and then you won’t under deliver.


Clean as You Go.

Stay on top of the small things. Make your bed when you get up, wash up as you go, put your clothes away or in the laundry when you change.  People who tidy or clean up as they go through their day are often happier as they have greater control and a clean environment.


Don’t Be Predictable.

Do something or try something new. This can be as easy as a new food or more adventurous as going somewhere or do something you’ve never done. New experiences can make us happier, change our perspective, as well as, increasing our energy and becoming more positive about change.


Stop Comparing.

Why worry over what others have and you don’t? Let it go.  There is always going to be someone who has a better job, a nicer car, a bigger house, and more wonderful holidays.  Life is different for everyone. Comparing yourself will just make you miserable. Positively focus on what makes you happy, and work on that.



Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off.

We all put things off. By setting priorities to make certain that small tasks don’t build-up, then we do not end up firefighting. We carry our unfinished tasks around with us all the time, no matter how small they are. The conscious mind only retains about seven things at one time, so we forget things when we overload it. Write things down and tick something off that you have been putting off.



We can all make some small positive changes in our lives to make them better. If we make ours better, then in turn it should make others better too. A positive environment is catching. If you would like to know more visit my website or drop me an e-mail to Remember life is a journey, you choose the path that you follow, make sure it is a positive one.


Take Care