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We all suffer at some point during our lives with personal tragedies such as bereavement, separation, or divorce. Otherwise, it maybe work place problems such as motivation, confidence or the realisation that you are in the wrong job, Seeking help requires a lot of courage, but it’s important to take responsibility for your own emotional and mental well-being. I work with clients to develop their own personal awareness, by teaching new skills and providing the right tools to lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Through therapy and coaching you will get help in processing difficult feelings and learn to better navigate through life’s challenging situations. Through this process you will discover who you really are, reflecting and learning to fully understand yourself and discover who you truly wish to be.


This greater understanding about who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, your values and your passions, will better inform you on how live your life and engage better in your relationships.


Working together, we will explore the trigger points in your life, learn from them and let them go.  I will teach you to find your own quiet, internal place where you can reflect, gain strength and develop the human being that is you.


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