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My name is Ade Jevans, I am a Wellbeing Therapist, Coach & Healer. I work with individuals in private practice & with groups and organisations.

The focus is on bringing a sense of calm and balance into client’s lives by improving their personal wellbeing.

In particular, I work with people with personal or professional problems that are causing them unhappiness or distress.

Therapy & Coaching

Take responsibility for your own mental well-being by developing your personal awareness & learning new skills that lead to a happier & more fulfilling life.


Healing is the natural way to deal with many conditions as well as a way to make time for yourself to become calmer and more balanced.

Workshops & Courses

Courses & Workshops are designed around a more balanced approach to life including Managing Time, Bereavement & A Balanced Life.

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After I lost my Dad, my whole world fell apart. I struggled at work as well as in my social life and at home. I kept losing my temper and upsetting both friends and family. Ade helped me put things in perspective, made me realise I wasn’t dealing with my father’s death, just keeping busy instead. He made me slow down, taught me some new skills and re-enforced them with some hypnosis. Life is now far better. I still go back regularly so see Ade for some gentle healing and keeping me in balance.

LM Apr 2021

I had suffered from depression for years. My GP had given me medication, but it kept returning. A friend suggested I went to see Ade. We talked and it worked back to find what had triggered it. We then worked through the different aspects of my life that it had affected. While it was too late to save my marriage, I have made amends with my ex and the relationship with my children is the best it has ever been. I am no longer taking anti-depressants too. I will always be so grateful to Ade in helping me get my life back in order.

GS Feb 2021

I lost my confidence when I was at school. I was shy and got bullied. After school it did not get any better. At work, I was terrified that I wasn’t doing a good job. I got the offer of a new job but didn’t take it. After several sessions with Ade, I have turned my life around. Confidence and self-belief are returning. I wish I had done this much sooner. I am now applying for other jobs and even going out.

LL Sep 2020

I really can’t thank Ade enough. I have had a fear of flying since I was young. But now I am married with young children. They all wanted to go to Disneyland but I have been putting it off because of the flights. After speaking with Ade about it, he suggested using hypnosis to cure the fear. Although I had my doubts, once he explained it fully, I was more than happy to give it ago. It worked. We have had a lovely holiday in the States and now planning others in the future. Thanks Ade.

DS January 2020

Ade Jevans

Saffron Walden

07889 411 277

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